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Lee Chien Sing, Prof. Dr.

Chien-Sing, an IEEE Senior Member, is a firm believer of interdisciplinary research, though she respects each discipline for its uniqueness and is awed by how each enriches and complements the other. Her Fulbright Fellowship at Georgia Tech's Learning-by-Design lab with Prof. Janet Kolodner, Lehigh University's Lehigh Valley STEM with Prof. Glenn David Blank, and discussions with Prof. Ashok K. Goel culminated from diverse areas, though mainly her CogMoLab research in Multimedia University (MMU). This invaluable Fellowship, the support of her IEEE mentors far and wide and locally in Malaysia and her Multimedia University team, privileged her to be awarded the 2009 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (Science and Technology Development) by the Junior Chamber International (M).
Following from this is a 2-year stint - research in the National Central University on the teaching of Mathematics to students in grades 1-3 as a Faculty at the Graduate Institute of Networked Learning Technologies, National Central University, Taiwan. Back again in Malaysia, her home country, another 2-year stint in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) provided invaluable insights into another side of design-based research.
This serendipitous journey led to integration of prior studies. Her current research interests build on prior work with regards to the development of creativity, epistemic agency, transfer of learning, knowledge management, optimization and sustainable development in e-learning, e-commerce and e-health. To date, she is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Modelling and Optimization, International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence (IJCINI), Review Board of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, VINE, the Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Research and Practice in Teaching and Learning and a Professional Technologist, certified by the Malaysian Board of Technologists.

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